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May 20, 2012

This is my first blog so bear with me about formatting and such. If you comment on anything please check your spelling. If I can, I will delete any comments that have atrocious spelling mistakes. There are spell checkers almost everywhere online and in programs that we use every day. I don’t mind the internet language though because some of it is really cool. I’m sure I’m going to make some spelling mistakes myself but I will try not to.

A friend and I often talked about how it would be great to rule our own country. We thought about this a lot after hearing or reading about all the crap that’s going on in the world. I’m sure some of you are going to hate some of what is written here, but that will be your choice and opinion. I look forward to conversations about it with you if you can provide good criticism.

This first part of the discussion will be about crime because the astonishing and disgusting acts of some crimes is what usually lead to the discussion of our own country. What would we do about crime in our country? Depends on the crime of course. My friend is much more religious than I am so I have no qualms about capital punishment and abortion.

Major crimes; Anyone who would commit murder of any type, rape another human being whether female, male or infant (age 0 to 18 yrs), maliciously assault someone (my guess is assault is malicious no matter how you look at it) and maliciously killing an animal (such as throwing a live kitten on a barbecue which happened in the U.S. a few years ago), all of this would be punishable by death. Whatever is the cheapest way, gunshot, electrocution or lethal injection. I would imagine the gunshot is the cheapest.

Minor crimes; Theft, arson, vandalism, embezzlement, rioting, inciting a riot, bestiality, illegal drug and or alcohol use (including regular cigarettes), fabrication of drugs and or alcohol (including cigarettes), destruction of private or public property, I’m even going to include bullying in here due to it having the possible result of suicide on the victim’s part. I’m sure the list is endless so I can’t cover it all here. All of what is mentioned here as minor would be punishable by banishment from the country. The person would be brought to the border and expelled to whatever country or territory would accept the person. If no other country accepts the person then they are permanently committed to a slave camp.

As much as I would want the criminal to suffer the same fate as what they placed upon the victim I would not waste the time and resources more than is necessary to execute them or banish them. Like the man who tossed the kitten on the barbecue. I would prefer to have the man tossed on a barbecue to suffer the exact same fate. But the time and resources could be put to better use. And the people that stood around and laughed while watching this event when it originally happened would be banished due to their immorality.

All of the property and possessions of any criminal who is executed or banished would be confiscated and “banked”. If there are no current needy people then the property and possessions would be given over to the victim as compensation. In the case of the kitten the monetary value would be given to an animal sanctuary or animal care facility. If none of these are currently operating then the funds become part of the country treasury but still earmarked for them if one becomes operational while the funds last.

All of this is dependent on the criminal being found guilty without a doubt. There would be every test possible done to determine this. From DNA testing to polygraphs. There would be video cameras everywhere in public. No place would be without a video camera except your own house.

Of course this leads to talk of lawyers. Lawyers are paid way too much to defend a scumbag criminal whereas a police officer is paid a really shitty salary to stand in front of a bullet for people like you and me. I think no salary is good enough to stand in front of a bullet. And yes, I understand that there are some bad cops out there. Well, in my country they would be a criminal and subject to banishment or execution just like anyone else.

Even though I could probably continue discussing crime for days, this will end this part of the functioning of “My own country”. I think next will be taxes.



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4 responses to “My own country

  1. Bonnie Bosch

    Well…where do I start? While I also think criminals get away far too often, I have qualms about banishing them from the new country. What would probably happen is that most people would end up banished and eventually take up arms against the utopia and overrun it….Then you are back at square one.

    • Once I’ve outlined the whole setup you may think otherwise about banishment. I don’t think there would be many people banished. Presumably everything would somewhat balance and the minor crimes would be at a minimum or, hopefully, non-existent.

  2. Freeporter

    Handing a criminal’s property to the victim would lead to an industry in people being framed, in order to rob them. State seizure has been tried in the past by numerous countries (and still applies today in some circumstances); it always leads to corruption.

    And by the way, police do not make “really shitty” salaries. Where I live, constables can easily make over CDN $60/hour in overtime wages, and of course, their jobs are union-protected and the benefits are excellent. Most regular constables here have high school and a course called ‘police foundations’ offered at local colleges; that’s it. I’ve met a lot of crafty cops; I’ve met very few smart ones. So don’t get me going.

    Last thing: people might be “permanently committed to a slave camp”? Wouldn’t slavery be a major crime?

    • People being framed is a definite with this kind of compensation program that I’ve been trying to determine a solution for. If there is absolutely no viable deterrent to this happening then the property or funds would instead be absorbed by the government. The property would be sold and the funds used for international trade, space exploration or any other program that needs funds.

      I don’t care how much police make per hour or year there is no amount good enough for a cop to stand in front of a bullet for some lowlife druggy or even a high society businessman. It takes only one bullet to ruin a cops day….permanently. Veterans as well as rookies.

      Fortunately and unfortunately I haven’t met any “crafty” cops so I’ve never been exposed to it. I have certainly seen video on our wonderful internet of cops abusing people. The latest one I saw was a homeless man being beaten to death. Or he died shortly after in the hospital. It was quite disgusting to see a human being do that who is actually being paid to protect people like that.

      I hate unions, in the sense of them fighting for higher salaries for already high salaries. I think they’re great for fighting for better work safety and benefits and such but when someone has a high salary and whines that they can’t make ends meet then I think they need to reassess their expenditures. Why are they spending more than they make? I’ll go buy a million dollar house and then go on strike because I need a higher salary to pay for it.

      Slave camp wasn’t a good phrase. It always implies the worst. It would be a prison-like situation where they would be put to work instead of sitting in a cell or “playing” in the yard. They wouldn’t make a salary because they are being housed by the government and supervised by paid guards. If any have a potential to be reintegrated in society then they can learn the skills or trade that they are suited for. I don’t know how it works in today’s prisons but there is some kind of schooling.

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